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Discovering Jewels of Faith

Lessons From a Quilt

Marriage Magnifier

"Pack Smart" For Your Faith Journey

Inner Sanctuary

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Nancy K. Grace
Christian Women's Speaker

As an experienced Christian women's speaker, Nancy can combine and or adapt topics to meet your needs. Whether you want a speaker for an hour or an entire weekend seminar, Nancy will leave your women encouraged, enlightened and walking closer with God.

Discovering Jewels of Faith
You are more valuable to God than all the jewels of the world. Do you believe it? The Lord used a simple incident of a lost diamond to show Nancy a great message of finding her worth in God. You will be inspired to look at yourself through the lens of godly self-esteem and see yourself as a precious jewel in God’s eyes, sparkling in His grace.
- 45-60 minutes, perfect for banquets, luncheons, women's conferences
can be expanded into three 60-minute sessions for a retreat on God's grace

Lessons From a Quilt
Nancy shares from her experience of a quilting class, when she learned more about the Lord through the stitches. Her instructor often said, “Just think of what you’re learning by doing this,” as she fumbled with a thimble. In this creative session, you will be challenged to deepen your personal growth through the fruit of the Spirit. Grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus!
45-60 minutes, perfect for banquets, luncheons, women's conferences
can be expanded into two 60-minute sessions for a retreat on personal growth in Christ.

P.A.C.K. Smart For Your Journey
When you leave on a trip, you make careful plans about what to take and where you are going. Likewise, in our journey of faith, we need to pack appropriately to be prepared for the challenges of the changing culture around us.  In this fast moving session, Nancy shows you what to pack for your faith journey in the 21st century. What’s in your suitcase?
- 60 minutes, inspirational for any meeting, conference or workshop

Gems of Faith in Phillippians
Are you intrigued and challenged by the apostle Paul's teachings? Nancy guides you to excavate gems of faith in the dynamic book Phillippians. Dig deeper in the Word of God and gain practical applications for your life from the themes in this powerful book.
- 60 minutes, perfect for seminars or conference workshops

Inner Sanctuary
How can the Lord lead us by still waters when our lives are more like raging rapids? Exploring the challenges of her life, Nancy shares the beauty and strength of the “inner sanctuary” that is available to those who love the Lord Jesus. This hope-giving session will encourage you to seek God’s strength.
- 60 minutes, perfect for seminars, conference, or workshops

Lighthouse Prayer Walk
In this inspirational presentation, Nancy leads you through several stations to prepare your heart for deeper prayer, incorporating scriptural teachings designed to draw you into the Lord’s presence. 
- 60 minutes, perfect for retreats, workshops, or special meetings

Marriage Magnifier
This is a six-hour marriage enrichment seminar presented by Dr. Rick and Nancy Grace for couple’s events sponsored by churches.  Together, Rick and Nancy have a deep desire to help couples grow closer through the grind of everyday life. Couples will enlarge their appreciation of differences, magnify their communication skills, and increase their closeness to God and each other. Discover new joy in your marriage with Rick and Nancy’s thought provoking and enjoyable presentations.
- 6 hours, designed for couples events

A Touch of Grace at Christmas
The holidays bring more things to do and less time to do them. Do you experience more stress or joy during the Advent season? In this interactive session, Nancy invites you to look at your holiday activities, and discover the joy of celebrating God’s grace in a Christ-centered Christmas.  Lay aside stress and embrace grace!
- 45 minutes, perfect for seminars, conference, or workshops

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